Understanding Social Exclusion, Exploring Perspectives on Polarisation

"We want to learn how social exclusion affects polarising ideas, values, and beliefs. Youth, practitioners, and activists can help the DRIVE project find long-term solutions to societal conflicts and tensions."
Prof. Dr. Tahir Abbas
Scientific Coordinator of the DRIVE Project, Leiden University
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Many people today are disenchanted with the world in which they find themselves

Anger, resentment, mistrust, and isolation are all possible outcomes of this kind of frustration. We would like to talk to you about how you feel about the world in which you live.

About the DRIVE project           

In Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, the DRIVE project investigates the role of social exclusion, in its many forms, in understanding engagement with ideas that are perceived as radical by some.

The project will provide policymakers with practical advice on how to identify and incorporate social inclusion and social determinants of public mental health into policies that address the threat of conflict and polarisation while avoiding the pitfalls of further alienating and marginalising communities.

Working with the community

We would like to speak with young people who feel socially excluded and marginalised in order to better understand the experiences, problems, and issues that are important to people. We'd like to hear your thoughts.
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