Drive project major final confererence, 11-12 June, Brussels

Dear colleagues

We are thrilled to invite you to the highly anticipated DRIVE Project Conference, 'Unveiling the Interplay of Social Exclusion and Radicalisation in North-Western Europe,' taking place on 11-12 June 2024 at the Stanhope Hotel in Brussels.

You can view the full programme here.

This groundbreaking conference marks the culmination of our three-year investigation into the complex dynamics between social exclusion and radicalisation across the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom. We welcome academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from across Europe to join us in critically examining the multifaceted drivers of extremism and charting evidence-based strategies for building resilient, inclusive societies.

Over the course of two days, attendees will have the opportunity to:

- Gain cutting-edge insights into the understudied linkages between social exclusion and radicalisation
- Engage with leading scholars, policymakers, and community groups at the forefront of counter-radicalisation efforts
- Participate in interactive workshops, plenaries, and networking sessions designed to bridge disciplinary silos and fortify emerging best practices
- Contribute to shaping proactive inclusion agendas that mitigate vulnerability to extremist narratives

Whether you are an established expert or an emerging voice in the field, this conference offers an unparalleled platform to exchange state-of-the-art research, field-tested practices, and innovative policy visions.

To secure your place, please visit our registration page. Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to register early.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brussels for this vital gathering dedicated to rewriting the script on radicalisation and making social inclusion the cornerstone of sustainable security in Europe.

The DRIVE Project Team

Event details

June 11, 2024
1300-1830 on 11 June and 0930 to 1645 on 12 June
Location: Stanhope Hotel Brussels
Organised by: The Drive Project
Visit the event website
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