Zoe ten Voorde

Zoe ten Voorde is currently completing a MSc in Crisis and Security Management: Governance of Radicalism, Extremism, and Terrorism at Leiden University. She holds a BSc in Security Studies with a minor in Global Affairs from Leiden University.

Her main areas of interest include radicalisation and extremism, with a focus on the role of right-wing extremist groups in the radicalisation process. Furthermore, she is interested in the spread of propaganda via social media and online radicalisation, as well as the radicalisation path that leads to genocides. Zoe was born and raised in the Netherlands, so she speaks both Dutch and English.

Flavie Curinier holds a BA in International Studies with a focus on the MENA region from Leiden University. She is currently completing her MSc in Crisis and Security Management: Governance of Radicalism, Extremism, and Terrorism at the Institute of Global Affairs, Leiden University.

Her main research interests include radicalization, extremism, and terrorism, with a focus on understanding the structural and psychological factors leading to violent actions. She is also interested in the MENA region, specifically its international relations and the vacuums of power that create opportunities for violent armed groups to gain control. Her interest further focuses on France in the context of Islamophobia and extremism.

Born and raised in France, Flavie is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, as well as a beginner in Arabic.

Lucía is currently a student of the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies, at University of Glasgow (UK); Dublin City University (Ireland) and Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). She holds a BA in Global Studies from the University of Salamanca (Spain). At present, she is currently coursing the KNOWMAD course in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Her main areas of interest include radicalization, extremism and terrorism, especially in the online context. She is also keen on cybersecurity and the interplay of technology and civil society. Additionally, Lucía is interested on diplomacy and international criminal and humanitarian law, although as of now she is looking to pursue a future in intelligence analysis. Born and raised in Spain, Lucía speaks Spanish and English. She is also fluent in French, and is currently learning Arabic and Portuguese.

Vincent completed a double BA in Media Studies and Linguistics from Utrecht University with extra courses in International Relations and Crisis Diplomacy at UC Berkeley and Utrecht University. He is currently completing his MSc in Crisis and Security Management: Governance of Crisis at the Institute of Global Affairs, University of Leiden. At present, he is also finishing his Strategic Policy Unit internship at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he looked for possible intersections between public policy and academics.

Apart from having a keen interest in the polarisation of society and the inclusion of extremist thinkers through rhetoric and policy, Vincent is interested in security policy and sub-Saharan cultures and geopolitics. Being born and raised in the Netherlands, Vincent speaks Dutch but also English and Italian, with an intermediate Spanish and German.

Abdullatif Sleibi holds a Hons BSc in Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam and is currently completing his Advanced MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Institute of Global Affairs, University of Leiden.

Previously, Abdullatif has also assisted on a project on disinformation in the MENA region at the European Institute of the Mediterranean, and coordinated the editorial team at the European Horizons Amsterdam Chapter. Moreover, Abdullatif has interned and consulted at the Clingendael Institute, where he researched the behaviour and role of Levant-based armed groups and transnational actors in political reform within the MENA region. This keen professional interest in armed and militia groups also extends to online radicalization and transnational terrorism. In terms of background, Abdullatif is a Ukrainian national who was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Jordan. Abdullatif speaks Arabic, English, Russian, Ukrainian natively, and Dutch at an intermediate level.

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