Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs
Research intern
Leiden University

Passionate about dynamically scaled thinking to address pressing risks (existential and otherwise), Peter is a master's student of crisis and security management at Leiden and is always on the hunt for ways to apply his knowledge and make a social impact.

His long-term aim is to retrain as a lawyer, develop his practise in the UK, and then proceed to practise in matters of international human rights and humanitarian law in the international legal system.

In his current studies and extra-curricular interests, Peter finds ways to expand my knowledge of the very real X-Risk posed by technological developments, as well as political movements and the threat posed by religious and political extremism. In turn, Peter hopes to build awareness amongst societal stakeholders on this front to come up with innovative policy solutions, which is why he is so invested in DRIVE.

Peter is Irish by birth and speaks German also.

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