Dr. Christopher R. Fardan

His research focuses on how and why exclusionary forms of nationalism sustain in contemporary Norwegian society. Key research interests include (extreme) nationalism, activism, social movements, and ethnographic research methods

Christopher R. Fardan holds a PhD from The University of Manchester and is currently a research fellow at The University of Oslo. His doctoral thesis draws on multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork in Norway, including participant observation and in-depth interviews. Specifically, Fardan explores mobilisation and recruitment into extreme organisations and puts emphasis on the importance of understanding identity formation amongst nationalist actors as well as emotive group-level dynamics and the link between beliefs and action. Today, Fardan works on the EU-funded research project, DRIVE, which explores the role of social exclusion in the light of polarising ideas, values and beliefs in Northwest Europe.

Dr. Christopher R. Fardan
University of Oslo

Key publications

Fardan, C. R. (2021) '"Fair play" er en illusjon', Aftenbladet, 24 August [Online] Available at: https://www.aftenbladet.no/meninger/debatt/i/rE8wwl/fair-play-er-enillusjon

Fardan, C. R. (2021) 'Hvordan bør vi forstå ekstremisme?', Aftenposten, 11 July [Online] Available at: https://www.aftenposten.no/meninger/debatt/i/M3xAAK/hvordan-boer-vi-forstaaekstremisme

Fardan, C. R. and Fangen, K. (2022) 'En forsvarlig mediedekning av ekstreme gruppers demonstrasjoner', Medier 24, 6 November [Online] Available at:

Ahmed, U. and Fardan, C. R. (2022) 'Sjokket som gjentar seg', Aftenposten, 10 November [Online] Available at: https://www.aftenposten.no/meninger/kronikk/i/XbMnLb/sjokket-som-gjentar-seg

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