Dr. Rabya Mughal

Rabya Mughal is a developmental psychologist with expertise in atypical neurodevelopment, frontal lobe function relating to social conforming, and theories of Othering. She is interested in the interplay between the micro (neuropathological), meso (societal) and macro (global, including colonial-legacy) systems in relation to the phenomenon we term radicalisation. Her PhD from the UCL Institute of Education assessed the role of social deprivation on neurocognition and pathology in children and adolescents on the Autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrums, and children in the foster care system. She has experience researching how social norms and environmental trauma can alter neural pathways as well as how frontline services and public policy can address atypical child development. She previously held postdoctoral positions at the UCL School of Medical and Life Sciences, assessing in-community public health measures for individuals with psychiatric needs. Prior to re-entering academia as a doctoral student, Rabya worked in public policy, focusing on education for special needs and vulnerable groups.

Dr. Rabya Mughal
University of Cambridge

Key publications

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