Dr. Sara Jul Jacobsen

Sara Jul Jacobsen has great experience conducting fieldwork within religious milieus in Europe, particularly in Denmark. Her research interests are gender, religion, and research methods. She has participated in international and national conferences on gender and religion as a key speaker or as a panellist. She also worked on and published on counter-radicalisation issues, focusing on gender, religion, and policy.

Dr. Sara Jul Jacobsen
Aarhus University
Postdoc Researcher

Key publications

Jacobsen, Sara Jul. “Calling on Women: Female-Specific Motivation Narratives in Danish Online Jihad Propaganda.” Perspectives on Terrorism 13, no. 4 (2019): 14–26. https://www.jstor.org/stable/26756700.

Jacobsen, Sara Jul. 2016. ““Mother”, “martyr wife” or ‘mujahida’: The Muslim Woman in Danish Online Jihadi Salafism. A Study of the Assigned Role of the Muslim Woman in Online Jihadi Communication”. Tidsskrift for Islamforskning 10 (1):165-87. https://doi.org/10.7146/tifo.v10i1.24880.

Jacobsen, Sara Jul. 2020. Female-specific jihad propaganda in Denmark. In: Contextualising Salafism and Salafi Jihadism. Nationalt Center for Forebyggelse af Ekstremisme. https://stopekstremisme.dk/ekstremisme/videnspublikationer/contextualising-salafism-and-salafi-jihadism (Zugegriffen: 1. Oktober 2021).

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