Flavie Curinier

Flavie Curinier
Research intern
Leiden University

Flavie Curinier holds a BA in International Studies with a focus on the MENA region from Leiden University. She is currently completing her MSc in Crisis and Security Management: Governance of Radicalism, Extremism, and Terrorism at the Institute of Global Affairs, Leiden University.

Her main research interests include radicalization, extremism, and terrorism, with a focus on understanding the structural and psychological factors leading to violent actions. She is also interested in the MENA region, specifically its international relations and the vacuums of power that create opportunities for violent armed groups to gain control. Her interest further focuses on France in the context of Islamophobia and extremism.

Born and raised in France, Flavie is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, as well as a beginner in Arabic.

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