Dr. Inés Bolaños-Somoano

Inés Bolaños-Somoano holds a Doctorate in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute, EUI (Italy), and has been a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Security and Global Affairs, ISGA (Netherlands).

Ines is a qualitative researcher employing interviews, archival evidence, and policy analysis to study European extremism prevention policies and practices. Her PhD thesis looked at the emergence and consolidation of Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (P/CVE) as a distinct policy field in the European Union. Her current research focuses on European right-wing extremism, online radicalisation, and potential strategies to counter online right-wing milieus. Inés is interested in processes of EU norm localisation within national counterterrorism regimes.

Aside from her academic research, Inés has worked within European institutions in Brussels, such as the Commission and the Parliamentary Research Service, producing policy-oriented reports. In terms of civil society, Inés annually collaborates with the European Islamophobia Report, co-authoring a chapter on Islamophobia in Spain. Finally, Ines is a university lecturer teaching on European terrorism and counterterrorism.

Dr. Inés Bolaños-Somoano
Leiden University
Postdoc Researcher

Key publications

Bolaños Somoano, I. & Gracia, Sergio (2023). Islamophobia in Spain on the rise: What is the role of right-wing extremists?, EUIdeas, 10 January 2024, European University Institute.

Bolaños Somoano, I. & Thyrard, A. (2022). “From a Back Up Plan to Purposeful Research Design. Using Remote Fieldwork in two EU case studies”. Politique européenne, vol. 0, no. 0, p 16

Bolaños Somoano, I. (2022). The Right-leaning be Memeing’: Extremist Uses of Internet Memes and Insights for CVE Design. First Monday, 27(5)

Bolaños Somoano, Inés & McNeil-Willson, Richard (2022). “Lessons From the Buffalo Shooting: Responses to Violent White Supremacy”. The Hague: The International Centre for Counter-terrorism (ICCT), 18 May 2022

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