Lena Harding

Lena Harding
Research intern
Leiden University

Lena Harding is an intern focussing on identity politics and challenging institutions on their response to social and religious challenges. A dual-national of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (UK), she is currently completing her second Masters degree in Crisis and Security Management: Governance of Radicalism, Extremism and Terrorism at the Institute of Global Affairs, University of Leiden (2020-2021).

Previously, she obtained an MA in American Studies at the University of Amsterdam (2019-2020) and a BA in History at the University of Southampton (2016-2019). Her thesis investigated Western power dynamics in the Middle East and she has spent this year specialising on minority groups in the UK. She is interested in rethinking the political status-quo and has previously been involved in working groups on Governance and Global Affairs.

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