Tessa Cuppens

Tessa Cuppens
Research intern
Leiden University

Tessa has completed a BA in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University including the minors International Relations and Conflict Studies and extra courses at the University of Sydney. Currently, she is completing a MSc in Crisis and Security Management: Governance of radicalism, extremism and terrorism at Leiden University. In addition, she is doing an internship at the research project Anti Filterbubbel App where her responsibility is to look at the exclusion of youngsters by filterbubbles and how to make these youngsters aware of this exclusion.


Her interest is in the interaction between the exclusion and (online) inclusion of people. This interest extends to the way in how this interaction plays a role in the pathway of radicalization and in polarization within societies.


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Tessa speaks Dutch and English. In addition, she is currently learning French.

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